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LogiView is a global, web-based solution that facilitates collaboration between various users in the extended supply chain, enabling inventory optimization and helping companies achieve optimal supply chain performance.

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Cloud-Based Inventory Management

LogiView empowers companies to successfully aggregate, monitor, and analyze shipments and inventory from the cloud across a broad spectrum of business units, suppliers, and enterprises. It helps companies reduce their inventories, and pro-actively improve supply chain efficiency and performance.

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About Logiview
  • LogiView provides a control-tower view of inventory, orders, shipments, and events. LogiView facilitates collaboration between various participants in extended supply chains and enables inventory optimization, visibility, and remote management for anyone who needs to monitor and control activity.

  • LogiView is a flexible connectivity platform that facilitates communication between trading partners, warehouses, and logistics operations using one or more logistics partners. Collecting and aggregating information from multiple locations and sources, including warehouse management systems, purchasing systems, transportation systems, retail, manufacturing, and virtually any supply chain distribution system via the latest web technology, as well as traditional EDI methods, enables LogiView to provide manufacturing companies, logistics service providers, distributors, shippers, and retailers detailed updates on the events and exceptions that occur throughout their supply chain.


Logistics portal: Components include cloud-based inventory; order & transportation management; advanced reporting and performance management. LogiView collects, presents and analyzes information from disparate systems to create strategic and tactical knowledge to manage your supply chain.

LogiStock: Manages and tracks inventory including lot and batch information, enables ordering and receiving against inventory without the need for a full WMS.

LogiLink: Enables interfaces with multiple customer and partner ERPs, accounting, CRM, and accounting systems. LogiLink is a managed solution that supports web services, XML, and X12 EDI solutions.

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